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Dr Navid Rahmani Dental Implant Specialist NYC

Dr. Navid Rahmani
Implant Dentist in New York

Dr. Rahmani is the top-rated dental implant specialist in NYC, implant expert and among a few tooth implant specialists to offer the newest and the most advanced techniques and procedures for placing tooth implants. He is a Board Certified Periodontist and New York’s top-rated implant dentist cited in prominent media outlets.

Our state-of-the-art dental implants center is equipped with the most advanced technologies available in the USA, including the latest lasers & high-precision microscopes. We use only the best quality medical-grade titanium or titanium alloy for tooth implants and the latest bone grafting material to replace the bone loss and facilitate bone formation.

Experience, high-quality materials, and precision are the key to produce an aesthetically perfect tooth implant.


Same Day Dental Implant
Computer Guided Surgery & Teeth Replacement

Enjoy the sensation of having a new tooth without having to wait months. Immediate implant placement has become a reality using the most advanced minimally invasive procedure to condense your bone quality. Our patients in New York City no longer have to wait five to eight months for affordable dental implants to be stable enough to support a new dental crown, bridge, or complete set of new teeth. The same-day restoration is the norm in our implants center. We are always on the frontier of utilizing evidence-based technology with a proven track record and the most up-to-date equipment available in the United States.

Teeth in an Hour

teeth in an hour dental implants

With dental implants in an hour, you will receive what used to take months to complete in approximately one hour. It is an excellent procedure for patients who are missing a single tooth or a few teeth next to each other. You will leave our Manhattan dental implants center with your permanent teeth that are fully functional and look highly aesthetic.

  • Actual procedure is generally incision-free so there is no need for stitches
  • The procedure carried out under just local anesthetic
  • Minimal swelling, you will return to work, everyday life the very next day
  • We use Digital WaxUP to create the final teeth and you will never be without teeth
  • We use computer-guided tooth implant surgery to position the implants in the EXACT position to make the tooth natural and hygienic

There is no waiting period; replace missing teeth immediately with dental implants in one hour.


all on 4 dental implants

All-on-Four is a highly affordable solution for anyone wishing to replace their denture with a fixed arch of teeth. With All-on-Four, just four dental implants are required to secure a complete arch of lower teeth, while five to six dental implants are generally preferred to secure a full arch of upper teeth.

  • This treatment is highly technique dependent. Before the surgery, the implant placement must be meticulously planned. The key to designing a full arch of teeth is pre-planning using three-dimensional X-ray (CT SCAN), Digital teeth position, and Guided Implant Surgery.
  • The main advantage of having All-On-Four is that patients who have lost a lot of bone and would otherwise require extensive surgeries to rebuild their bone NO LONGER have to have those procedures. By angling the last implants, you can AVOID the SINUS in the upper Jaw and AVOID the NERVE in the lower Jaw.

Replace REMOVABLE dentures with a FIXED arch of teeth with All-on-Four Dental Implants

Teeth in a Day

dental implants in one day

Teeth in a Day is a treatment that is sometimes called Smile in a Day and it is a technique to replace missing teeth or to stabilize loose dentures in just a single day. This treatment ensures you can leave our dental office with beautiful new teeth on the very same day.

  • Treatment is planned in advance using diagnostic imaging equipment and CT Scan.
  • No discomfort after treatment. No need to wear uncomfortable dentures while dental implants heal.
  • Most patients leave with new teeth secured to their implants by Cross-arch bridges.

Replace missing teeth or stabilize loose dentures in just a single day with dental implants in one day.

Front Tooth Implant

front tooth implants

When a front tooth is beyond saving, an implant can provide an excellent, long-term solution. A front tooth implant protects your jawbone and looks and feels exactly like your own tooth.

A front tooth dental implant closely resembles a real tooth root, providing the alveolar bone with the stimulation needed so bone loss doesn’t occur, ensuring your jawbone remains strong and healthy.

Front tooth implant treatment is preplanned, the actual surgery for placing a front tooth implant is very quick, and you may only require a local anesthetic. You will receive a temporary tooth on the same day. Once healing is complete, your new permanent front tooth is made and fitted.

Replace a missing front tooth and protect your jawbone with a front tooth implant today.

Full Mouth Implants (All on 6)

Full Mouth, all on 6 dental Implants

Full mouth dental implants (all on 6 dental implants) are used to restore the entire upper or lower arch of teeth in one complete bridge, also known as a Fixed Hybrid. It is possible to have a bridge to replace 10 or 12 teeth using multiple dental implants for support. This type of restoration is either screwed or cemented in place.

  • Ideal for patients who have existing crown and bridge work which are failing.
  • The planning of the implant surgery is based on the patients bite, teeth relationship to opposing jaw and function.
  • Guided Implant Surgical Stent with Computer Aided Milling ensures precise positions.
  • The full arch bridge can be made from zirconia or porcelain. It’s entirely metal-free, natural-looking, and reflects light.

Read more about replacing the entire upper or lower arch of teeth in one complete bridge with full mouth dental implants

Single Tooth Implant

Single tooth implants

A single tooth implant is an ideal choice for replacing a missing tooth. Treatment is very straightforward, and an appointment is typically relatively short. Even though only a single tooth is being replaced, Dr. Rahmani must carry out the same extensive diagnostic tests.

  • Having adequate bone width and height is critical to ensure proper tooth size.
  • A temporary tooth can be placed ONLY at the time of surgery if the implant is secured tight and usually not for molar teeth.
  • Single implant is more cost-effective than choosing a bridge.
  • Implant surgery can be performed under local anesthetic and requires a small incision.

Read more about replacing a missing tooth with single tooth implant.

Multiple Teeth Implants

Multiple teeth implants

Multiple teeth implants can support multiple missing teeth next to each other (partially edentulous area) or a failing bridge extending from three to five teeth. A minimum of two implants will be placed to support 3 or 4 units of teeth, making it an economical long-term solution for replacing multiple missing teeth.

  • The process takes between three months if adequate bone height and width of bone are present.
  • We provide a temporary prosthesis so you can eat and normally talk during healing.
  • A very reliable way to replace missing teeth and GREAT alternative for loose and uncomfortable partial dentures.
  • Must be adequate room for the dental laboratory to fabricate the bridge so it can function correctly.

Learn more about multiple teeth implants, an affordable solution if you have several missing teeth or a failing bridge.

Why Choose Us?

Specialists all together in one
convenient location

Periodontist / Implant Surgeon

Dr. Rahmani specializes in advanced procedures such as immediate full mouth restoration & bone regeneration

Experienced Prosthodontist

Dr. Sawa specializes in full mouth reconstruction by providing function & aesthetics to create a natural smile

Cat-Scan & Dental Laboratory

The combination of digital design meshed with CT Scan providing precise planning & same day restorations

Dental Anesthesiologist

No Pain, No Discomfort, No Fear. Overcome your dental anxiety with sedation by an expert anesthesiologist

Dr. Navid Rahmani - Board Certified Dental Implant Specialist

Expert Dental Implant Specialist

  • Board certified periodontist & experienced implantologist
  • Over 15 years of placing implants with outstanding success rate
  • Written a number of articles that were published in peer-reviewed journals
  • Extensive training in the latest implant placement techniques

Dr. Navid Rahmani is passionate about ensuring his patients receive the best and most appropriate tooth care. Dr. Rahmani has extensive training in periodontal therapy, including tooth implants, bone grafting techniques, and periodontal plastic surgery. For example, in the case of a tooth extraction, Dr. Rahmani tries to preserve the bone for immediate implant placement using atraumatic extractions. The latest atraumatic tooth extractions are the most desired technique to protect bone.

Dr Rahmani is a nationally recognized as America’s Top Periodontist, one of the best Dental Implant Specialist in the region. He is an award-winning expert and provides a full range of periodontal procedures to treat conditions that affect your gums and facial bones.

Our patients have found that our center offers predictable implant-supported restorations for tooth replacement. Our implantologists are dental experts who place dental implants and provide our patients in New York City with a tailored treatment plan.

10K +
Implants Placed
250 +
5-Stars Reviews

Treatment Planning for Affordable Dental Implants

Digital workflows in implant treatment have improved diagnosis, case planning, and surgical execution, leading to more predictable implant outcomes. Successful implant planning reduces the likelihood of severe side effects and post-operative complications.

Data Capture
(Via CBCT & Intraoral Scanner)
Implant Based
Restoration Design
(Or Manufacturing)

Advanced Dental Technology
With Laser Precision

Laser gum

Laser gum Treatment

Non-invasive Treatment of
failing Implant

Non-invasive Treatment of  failing Implant

Growth factor
Enhancement regeneration

Growth factor Enhancement regeneration

Cone-beam Computed
Tomography CBCT

Cone-beam Computed Tomography CBCT

The implants are placed using the latest Cone Beam CT (CBCT) scanners and high-precision planning software. Patients receiving treatment in our center can now enjoy the precise placement of dental implants and immediate prosthetic temporization (prosthetic teeth). Bone quality and depth control are evaluated using powerful preoperative diagnostic capabilities that provide high accuracy dental and osseous (bone) pathology. Only specialized, well-equipped dental centers like one led by board-certified implantologist Dr. Rahmani can deliver the procedure's high success rate and predictability.

Microscope-assisted dental implants placement

Advanced Tech
Microscope-Assisted Dental Implants Placement


Most dental implant specialists in New York use simple loupes to see a slightly larger magnification of 2X.

We recognize that quality and precision are critical to producing aesthetically perfect oral surgery without scarring or large incisions. Therefore, in our Manhattan center for dental implants, we use a high precision microscope (8X-16X) and loops 4.5X that have the potential to enhance a dental implant specialist's vision to unprecedented levels.

Significant magnification has become a standard and necessary tool in NYC Dental Implants Center for implant surgery, decreasing swelling and resulting in faster healing.

Meet The Doctors

Why Patients Choose Us?

Video of Dr. Rahmani with the patient

My case involved working in tandem with my dentist from another practice. Dr. Rahmani and his staff were beyond accommodating in scheduling and communicating with them! Dr. Rahmani listened to my goals and problems and was great at helping me understand anything I had questions. I’m extremely happy with the results from my graft, and the entire experience pre and post-surgery exceeded my expectations.

Nicholas K.


Dr. Rahmani and his staff are absolutely wonderful, and the office is pristine! Dr. Rahmani is the best dental implant doctor in NYC who made me feel comfortable from the moment I sat in the chair! He explained everything steps by step and even worked within my budget! His staff is fantastic and so friendly. Jen always went out of her way to help with my insurance and was excellent with follow-ups! Although I don’t like dentists, I highly recommend this one! Overall great experience!

Robyn R.


The staff is friendly and very helpful. I came to Dr. Rahmani with a variety of dental problems. Dr. Rahmani was able to recommend the best treatment options as well as connect me with his network of other dentists and specialists. He made me feel at ease about my situation. He provided clear explanations about each step to be taken towards a full recovery. Dr. Rahmani was very receptive to my needs during the surgery and ensured I was as comfortable as possible.

Stephen P.

Painless dentistry
With NYC Dental Implants Center Dentistry Could Be Painless

We give our patients many reasons to smile by offering the latest Contemporary Periodontics and Implant Surgery procedures and technics in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, NYC. It’s a place where the care and comfort of our patients are our highest priority. For more information or to schedule a consultation with our specialists, contact our Midtown Manhattan office.

State-of-the-art Affordable Dental Implants Center in
the heart of NYC

Our modern facility is fully equipped to make your dental implant journey smooth, pleasant, and memorable.

Reception area of NYC Dental Implants Center
Exam Room of NYC Dental Implants Center
Exam Room 2 of NYC Dental Implants Center
Exam Room 3 of NYC Dental Implants Center
Patient 3d dental Scanning Cone-beam Computed Tomography CBCT

Implant dentistry on the Upper East Side, Manhattan, NY

Our primary mission is to deliver the most comprehensive periodontal and implant therapy to help you save your natural teeth and rebuild function and esthetics.

Experience, high-quality materials, and precision are the key to producing an aesthetically perfect dental implant. Rely on Dr. Rahmani for the best implant care in New York City.

He offers best-in-class treatments to patients from around the New York City area and tourists.

Dr. Rahmani is a member of international team of implantology, academy of laser dentistry, and ICOI oral implantologist

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