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Front tooth implant protects your jawbone, looks and feels exactly like your own tooth. A front tooth dental implant closely resembles a real tooth root, providing the alveolar bone with the stimulation needed, so bone loss doesn’t occur, ensuring your jawbone remains strong and healthy. Front tooth implant treatment is preplanned, the actual surgery for placing a front tooth implant is very quick, and you may only require local anesthetic. You will receive a temporary tooth on the same day. Once healing is complete, your new permanent front tooth is made and fitted.

Front Tooth Implant

front tooth implant | Dental Implants NYCYour front teeth are quite vulnerable to dental injuries, and dentists frequently need to treat patients who have knocked out or damaged a front tooth by accident or during sporting activities. You can also lose front teeth because of infection and decay. The loss of any tooth is unpleasant, but losing a front tooth is particularly upsetting for many people because we frequently draw much of our self-esteem and self-confidence from appearance.

Luckily, a front tooth implant can provide an excellent, long-term solution. When a front tooth is beyond saving, a dental implant is an option frequently suggested by experienced NYC implant dentist and periodontist, Dr. Navid Rahmani of NYC Dental Implants Center.

What is a Dental Implant?

Very briefly, a dental implant artificially restores the entire tooth, consisting of a small post or screw which is made from titanium alloy or zirconia, and which is surgically inserted into the jawbone.

The implant post integrates with the jawbone during a process called osseointegration and which takes about three months to complete. Once osseointegration is finished, an abutment is attached to the post and protrudes just above the gumline. The abutment supports the implant crown.

Why Choose a Dental Implant Over Other Ways to Replace a Front Tooth?

Alternative choices for replacing a front tooth include a one-tooth denture or a flipper, and which is only really a temporary solution.

Another option is to choose a dental bridge, and which is fitted over the teeth adjacent to the gap. These teeth must be substantially reshaped, removing a lot of their original structure so the can be crowned, and the crowns are attached to the replacement front tooth which is called a pontic.

If your remaining front teeth are strong and healthy, a dental bridge is not ideal because the adjacent teeth are significantly ground down and will always need to be protected with dental crowns.

Removing dental enamel from these teeth increases the possibility of infection and decay in these teeth in the future. The pontic of a dental bridge will only rest on the gums, and over time, your gum tissue and the bone underneath will gradually resorb so you could end up with an unsightly gap underneath the pontic.

The Most Natural Looking Solution for Front Tooth Loss

Unlike a dental flipper or bridge that only rests on the gums, a front tooth implant provides a solution that looks and feels like a real tooth. A front tooth implant emerges from the gums just like a natural tooth. Even the gum around the tooth is carefully shaped to provide an optimal treatment outcome.

Front tooth implant looks and feels exactly like your own. Dr. Rahmani, dental implant specialist in NYC takes extensive care when designing and fabricating all implant teeth, and especially when restoring a front tooth.

The Health Benefits of Having a Dental Implant

A dental implant helps to protect your dental health. When you lose a tooth, your remaining natural teeth will tend to drift towards the gap, destabilizing them and changing the way your teeth bite together. Additionally, tooth loss increases the stresses and strains on your remaining

teeth when you bite into food. Replacing the tooth with a dental implant helps to spread this load more evenly, so your natural teeth are less likely to wear or chip because of the additional forces.

One of the most important reasons for choosing a dental implant for your front tooth is for protective effect on your jawbone. A dental implant closely resembles a real tooth root, providing the alveolar bone with the stimulation needed, so bone loss doesn’t occur, ensuring your jawbone remains strong and healthy.

The bone surrounding teeth, called alveolar bone, is quite fragile and can be destroyed by dental infection and begins to resorb soon after tooth loss. Bone loss affects the stability of the teeth adjacent to the gap, and it can affect aesthetics, resulting in that gap underneath a bridge pontic mentioned earlier.

The Treatment Process for a Front Tooth Implant

Initial evaluation: Initially, you will require a consultation with Dr. Rahmani, dental implants NYC expert and top New York specialist so he can assess your dental health. If the front tooth is still in your mouth, Dr. Rahmani will evaluate it carefully, just to make sure it cannot be saved.

Custom treatment plan: The next stage is for your implant treatment to be planned with state-of-the-art computer guided surgery. You will need a cone beam CT scan, providing detailed 3-D images of your front tooth and jaws, allowing Dr. Rahmani to preplan your implant surgery and to create your custom treatment plan.

Preplanning your surgery: The treatment plan is transferred to a surgical stent or guide which is a type of specialized template used during surgery. It ensures the implant is placed at exactly the precise position, depth and angulation determined in your treatment plan. Preplanning your surgery helps to eliminate errors while ensuring you receive dental implant front tooth that looks and feels fabulous, and which is fully functional.

If you need a tooth removing, Dr. Rahmani can almost certainly do this at the same time as fitting a dental implant. He will use a removal technique called an atraumatic tooth extraction which minimizes damage to the alveolar bone. It’s also sometimes possible to place a small amount of bone grafting material at the same time as a dental implant, rather than to place it during a separate surgery.

Front tooth implant surgery in NYC: Because treatment is preplanned, the actual surgery for placing a front tooth implant is very quick, and you may only require local anesthetic, but if you feel nervous then ask about sedation dentistry which will ensure you feel completely comfortable and relaxed during the short front tooth implant procedure. Afterward, you will be given full instructions on how to care for the single implant site as it heals.

No Need to Worry You Will Be Left without a Tooth

You will receive a temporary tooth on the same day of your front tooth implant procedure in NYC. The tooth is mostly for aesthetic purposes only, and you should avoid biting on the tooth while it heals. It’s likely to be constructed in such a way to ensure it doesn’t contact your opposing teeth. Once healing is complete, your new permanent tooth is made and fitted, completing your treatment and leaving you to enjoy your newly rejuvenated smile.

Caring for Your Front Tooth Implant

Single dental implants are very easy to care for and can be brushed and flossed just like your natural teeth. You must commit to looking after your dental implant, brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing once-a-day, and your regular dental checkups and cleanings are crucial. Although your front dental implant may be artificial, the tissue surrounding it certainly isn’t.

Without the proper care, these tissues can become infected and could ultimately lead to implant failure. Dental implants are such a fabulous treatment you certainly don’t want this to occur! With the right care, your front tooth implant should last for years or even for life.

You Don’t Need to Be Scared of Implant Surgery

The front tooth implant surgery in New York for dental implants might sound scary, but it really isn’t! This procedure usually is very short, and a single implant can be placed in an hour or even less. Also, many dental implant dentists including Dr. Rahmani offer dental sedation for more nervous patients, or for people requiring multiple tooth implants.

You can rest assured that you will be comfortable and relaxed during this single front tooth implant treatment so don’t let it put you off. Options for dental sedation will most likely include IV or intravenous sedation and which is also known as sleep dentistry because you could well sleep through treatment. With IV sedation, you feel so deeply relaxed that you will most likely remember nothing or very little about the procedure. Instead, you’ll wake up with your new dental implant front tooth in place, ready to be fitted with your temporary teeth while healing occurs. Once healing is completed two or three months later, your permanent teeth are made and fitted. All you need do is enjoy life without ill-fitting dentures.

Advantages of Choosing an Implant Specialist for Your Front Tooth Implant Procedure

While some dental implants may be very straightforward to place, others like mini dental implant front tooth may require more extensive planning and experience and general dentists are unlikely to place as many implants as a periodontist and dental implants specialist in NYC such as Dr. Navid Rahmani. If you need additional procedures, for example a bone graft, then your general dentist may well need to refer you whereas Dr. Rahmani will be able to carry out the bone graft as well as your implant surgery in Manhattan. Dr. Rahmani also uses the most sophisticated and up-to-date grafting materials. These are often synthetic and are specially designed to integrate with your natural bone and to encourage its growth.

Dr. Navid Rahmani is an internationally recognized, NYC dentist, Board Certified Periodontist and one of the best rated front tooth implant specialists in the country. All procedures are performed on Upper East Side in our Midtown NYC dental center. If you have any questions about front tooth implant placement or to make an appointment please call our Midtown Manhattan dental implants center:

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