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Restore the Entire Upper or Lower Arch of Teeth in One Complete Bridge – All on 6 Dental Implants

Full dental implants in NYC. Dr. Rahmani a top dental implant specialist in NYC, mini and full dental implants expert and one of few implant dentists in New York region to offer newest and most advanced dental implants, full mouth restoration options including mini dental implants and latest all on 4 and all on 6 dental implant procedures. When you come in to see the implant specialist, Dr. Rahmani, he will examine you and discuss the material (Titanium or Zirconium) for placing full mouth dental implants. Dr. Rahmani of NYC Dental Implants Center is located in Midtown Manhattan & Upper East Side, NYC.

Full Dental Implants

Restore the Entire Upper or Lower Arch of Teeth in One Complete Bridge 6 Dental Implants

Full Mouth all on 6 dental Implants Midtown NYCIt is possible to have a bridge to replace 10 or 12 teeth using multiple, full mouth dental implants for support. This type of full mouth restoration is either screwed or cemented in place.

Full dental implants aka All on 6 Dental implants are used to restore the entire upper or lower arch of teeth in one complete bridge and this is often called full mouth dental implants restoration or full arch replacement.

We do sometimes prefer to screw such a large bridge in position as it is easily retrievable should it require any maintenance at a later date. The screws go directly through the bridge but are covered up with tooth colored composite resin so they are completely invisible.

The exact number of dental implants required for full mouth dental implants can vary, according to whether it is a lower or upper arch of teeth and the number of replacement teeth being supported. In most of the cases we use all on 6 dental implants.

Who Can Have Full Dental Implants?

The requirements for full mouth implants are exactly the same as for any dental implant procedure. This all on 6 dental implants treatment is equally suitable for healthy men and women of any age.

Before full dental implants NYC procedure Dr. Navid Rahmani will need to examine your mouth and will want to discuss your medical history as systemic diseases can affect healing. Certain medications could also affect all on six implants treatment.

With full mouth implants, 6 dental implants are placed at strategic intervals throughout your upper or lower arch and it is important they receive sufficient support from the surrounding bone. If you lost teeth quite a few years ago then you may have suffered significant from missing teeth tooth bone loss.

This may also be the case if you had advanced periodontal disease which has resulted in the destruction of the bone that used to surround your natural teeth. If you have lost bone then full mouth dental implants treatment is normally still possible as Dr. Rahmani can build up bone for implant levels using sophisticated bone grafting techniques. At our NYC implant office we do not see any evidence to suggest the success of all on 6 dental implant treatment is affected by age or gender.

Though every patient case of is unique, the NYC implant dentist, Dr. Rahmani is looking at five major factors to consider  when recommending dental implant full mouth:

  • Speech Issues – If speech is a major concern, periodontists must be prepared to offer alternative treatments, such as to replace missing teeth with short-span bridges or single dental implants. This will often require more implants, more bone grafting, and more expensive prosthetics, so patients will need to be prepared for the additional treatment time and cost.
  • Bridge thickness – This can be a big problem for some patients, and sadly they often figure out that it’s a problem after surgery when the ridge has been reduced. At that point, nothing can be done to get them back to that natural-feeling transition.
  • Excessive biting force – Patients have difficulty recognizing premature or excessive occlusal contacts. They may generate excessive biting forces due to the lack of sensation.
  • Parafunction – bruxism, clenching, and irregular chewing cycles
  • High risk of caries

Dr. Rahmani offer multiple dental implants full mouth restorative options in Midtown Manhattan. He takes time to assess the best individual options for patients and explain the hurdles they will need to overcome, not just the benefits of the treatment.

Alternatives to Full Mouth Implants

All on six dental implant restoration does require full mouth dental implants which may not be a suitable solution for everyone. Implant specialist Dr. Rahmani must have a broad understanding of each patient’s unique factors, and then devise the best treatment plan. Dental implant full mouth is not an exception to that rule.

An alternative to full dental implants:

  • All on Four dental implants as this is a system that uses just four dental implants to support a lower denture, providing a cost-effective long-term solution. Additionally, with All-on-Four, the implants are located towards the front of the mouth, often reducing or eliminating the need for extensive bone grafts. With this system, the implants can be immediately loaded soon after surgery is completed.
  • Teeth in a day
  • Mini dental implants can also be used to stabilize loose dentures

Full Dental Implants or All on 6 Dental Implants Procedure

Full dental implants in NYC treatment is very similar to the multiple teeth implants as a high degree of planning is necessary to ensure complete success.
Full Mouth all on 6 dental Implants procedure | Implant Dentist Midtown NYC

  • Initial examination
  • 3-D image of your jaws using Cone Beam CT scan
  • Planing your implant surgery using computer guided surgery
  • Fabrication of custom-made template or stent
  • Cover implants with healing caps to integrate and bond with your jawbone
  • Temporary teeth placement
  • Fabricate permanent teeth, after implants have healed

After your initial examination with the top NYC implant dentist, Dr Rahmani, you will need to have a Cone Beam CT scan that will provide a detailed full mouth 3-D image of your jaws and all the important structures including bone, muscles, nerves and blood vessels. Using this information, Dr. Rahmani, implant dentist will plan your full mouth implant surgery using computer guided surgery.

Once it’s decided on the best position for each dental implant, a custom-made template or stent will be fabricated for dental implant full mouth surgery to ensure the implants are inserted into precisely the right positions. All on 6 dental implants are covered up with healing caps and are left to integrate and bond with your jawbone. At this point we can provide temporary teeth or we may be able to adapt an existing full replacement denture for use during this time until full mouth dental implants are permanently placed.

Once your dental implants have healed, you can return to see Dr. Rahmani, full mouth dental implants specialist so we can fabricate your permanent teeth. A full arch bridge can be made from a number of different materials but it’s becoming increasingly common to use zirconia. Zirconia is an entirely metal free, tooth colored material that is incredibly strong and lifelike.

What is the best dental implant material?

Recovery After Full Mouth Dental Implants

It is normal to feel some discomfort after receiving full dental implants (all on 6 dental implants), NYC implants specialist can provide advice on using over-the-counter painkillers or will give you a prescription for pain medication.

You may need to take antibiotics and we might suggest using an antimicrobial mouth rinse for the first week or so after surgery. We will provide you with lots of information on how to care for your all on 6 dental implants, including information on cleaning and the best foods to eat for the first few days after dental implant full mouth restoration surgery.

Infections After Full Mouth Dental Implants Reconstructive Surgery

Development of the bacteremia around implants is one of the reasons for the failure of the full mouth dental implants surgery. Some dental implant failures can be due to defile from bacteria while inserting the implant post. Infections around biomaterials such as posts are difficult to treat. In most of the cases the infected implants have to be replaced.

The most common bacteria involved in failures of the full mouth dental implants are:

  • Streptococci
  • Anaerobic Gram-positive cocci
  • anaerobic Gram-negative rods

If infection risk is high (usually after sinus augmentation procedures, sinus lifts or bone grafts), Dr. Rahmani might order a dose of antibiotics a day before the surgery and a beta-lactamase antibiotic to be used for 5 days. In addition a 0.12% chlorhexidine rinse twice daily is recommended.

Advantages of Full Mouth Implants

  • Full mouth implants are ideal for anyone who currently wears full dentures or who is facing complete tooth loss.
  • Treatment allows patients to experience the feeling of having teeth that are stable and strong and which remain permanently in place unless taken out by a dentist.
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem are increased, by restoring teeth in a way that feels permanent and very natural.
  • Many more foods can be enjoyed.
  • A full mouth bridge is a much healthier solution for your jaws as your jawbone will be better preserved. As the dental implant full mouth gradually integrate with your jawbone, they will ensure the surrounding bone is kept healthy and strong.
  • In the longer term, full mouth implants can be much easier to maintain compared to conventional dentures and your implant retained bridge will ensure your cheeks and lips are properly supported, preventing that collapsed in look that is so common among denture wearers.
  • Full mouth implants offer a predictable approach to tooth replacement, although treatment may take slightly longer to complete than using an alternative dental implant system.

Disadvantages of Full Mouth Implants

With full mouth implants it is necessary to allow the dental implants to heal, a process that can take several months before the implants can be restored with permanent teeth.

During this time the all on 6 dental implants mustn’t come under any pressure that could affect their integration with the surrounding bone.

Any type of movement to the implant posts during healing could increase the risk of implant failure. Anyone who lost teeth quite some time ago is more likely to require bone grafts, adding additional time and cost to this treatment.

Full mouth dental implants pose a moderate to high infection risk. Therefore, with this whole mouth reconstruction procedure Dr. Rahmani recommend a dose of antibiotics before and after the procedure.

Success Rate for Full Mouth Implants?

The success rate for this treatment is very high and full mouth implants should last for many years. With the correct care and maintenance, dental implants can have a success rate in excess of 90% after 15 years, but it is important to be aware of factors that can affect the long-term success of this treatment.

Although dental implant full mouth complications can occur, they are rare, especially when trained and experienced implant dentist like Dr. Rahmani perform the procedure.

Risk Factors

Full dental implants risk factors:

  • Failure of the dental implants due to poor oral hygiene
  • Failure due to uncontrolled diabetes
  • Bruxism or any type of occlusal trauma could affect the longevity of the dental implants

Cost of Full Mouth Implants

Restoring a complete arch of teeth with full dental implants in NYC can require multiple dental implants in order to ensure the bridge is properly supported. The exact number of dental implants required can vary depending on the number of teeth to be restored.

The cost of full mouth dental implants depend on multiple factors including:

  • Number of implants
  • If bone graft is required (do not have a sufficient bone to anchor the post)
  • If sinus lift is required (do not have adequate levels in sinus tissues)

The cost of dental implant full mouth restoration treatment is also dependent on whether any additional procedures are required, for example tooth extraction.


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