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Our implant specialists are among the most experienced and skilled dental implant providers in the New York City metropolitan area. Our dental implantologists use the highest-quality medical-grade titanium and specialized tools such as microscope-assisted, precision implant dentistry, and computer-guided surgery to produce aesthetically perfect dental implants. Our dentists provide a wide range of dental implants, from the traditional single-tooth implants to the most complex all-on-4 and full-mouth implants. Physicians at our practice are experts in providing the best quality dental implants to men and women from NYC and surrounding areas.

Meet The Doctors

Implant Dentist Dr. Navid Rahmani

Our Doctors Have Extensive Training in Dental Implants

Our implant dentists received comprehensive training in all periodontal therapy areas, including the most advanced dental implant procedures, the latest bone grafting techniques, and periodontal plastic surgery. This highly specialized training and extensive knowledge are required for any dental implant procedure to be successful.

When you come to see our implant experts, you can expect an honest and thoughtful evaluation of your dental health. Dental implants are only recommended if we believe they will provide the best results.

Do Patients
Select Us?


Doctors and staff are truly amazing. I haven't been to the dentist in many years and was absolutely petrified. His sincere concern for me and extensive professional expertise helped me get through it. He explains everything that will be done clearly. All of his staff were very caring and supportive. I felt like their priority was to give me the very best care and they did. I very highly recommend Dr. Rahmani, especially if you are afraid of the dentist.

-Roxanne Carcaterra


I needed an implant and my dentist recommended Dr. Rahmani to do the work. He is a professional from start to finish. He knows what he is doing and there were no complications. He gave me an implant that is strong and now ready for my dentist to put on a cap. I thank him for helping me and I will always recommend him to anybody that needs to have a periodontist.

-Ronald Schacht


I actually went to the Hewlitt office, I have to say staff is excellent. My dental implants were perfectly done. Pain was minimal. I highly recommend them. I interviewed a number of dentist before proceeding with my implants I am so happy I went with this dental office. Affordable and painless, cannot beat that!

-Linda Catalano


Advanced Dental Implant Solutions

The implant specialists have extensive knowledge, training, and experience with all types of dental implants, including mini and full-mouth dental implants. As a result, our patients benefit from receiving the most advanced implant solution.

Our dentists specialize in dental implant placement, which differs from some general dentists with limited training in placing one or two dental implants.

While general knowledge may be satisfactory in some cases, a great deal of skill and experience is required to ensure every dental implant is placed in the best location. Positioning is essential not only for guaranteeing full functionality but for making sure that the final restoration looks terrific. Our implant specialists broadly understand each patient’s unique factors and then devise the best treatment plan.

Material for
Dental implants
Material for Dental implants

We use only the best quality medical grade titanium or titanium alloy tooth implants from Straumann, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. It’s the largest and most advanced dental implant company in the world.

Advanced Technology

Microscope-assisted precision implant dentistry enhances a specialist's vision to unprecedented levels. It's used for polishing and finishing teeth margins and contouring teeth and teeth implants.

Immediate Loading
Dental Implants
Immediate Loading Dental Implants

You do not need to wait three to six months for the dental implants to be stable enough to support a new dental crown or bridge. Using immediate loading dental implants, our dentists can complete the final restoration the same day the implant is inserted.

Why Do You Need To See A Dental Implants Specialist And Not General Dentist For Advanced Implant Treatments?

After all, you probably know your general family dentist quite well and trust them to look after you, but there are several reasons why you might be better off seeing a periodontist or your local dental implant specialist.

  • Success rate. Residency-trained specialists in implant dentistry or dental implant specialists have a more than 95% success rate.
  • Implant failure. If something goes wrong with your implants, an implant specialist dentist can identify and correct the problem as quickly as possible.
  • Wide range of implant options. General dentist may only supply one particular dental implant, an implant specialist is trained and experienced in providing a much more comprehensive range. A range of implant options could be especially useful for anyone requiring more complex treatments, such as restoring complete arches of teeth. For example, all on 4 dental implants can be used to restore the entire arch of teeth using just four implants. Your general dentist may not offer this treatment because they prefer more traditional, single dental implant treatments involving more implants.
  • Skill and experience. Placing dental implants is a specialized process that requires a substantial amount of skill and experience.
    • Dental Implants specialists have completed advanced training in placing implants and routinely carry out this oral surgery daily.
    • General dentist may only have completed a weekend or other short course in placing dental implants. They have a far less detailed knowledge of approaching an implant surgery or what to do if a case isn’t just routine.
Extensive experience is essential for anyone who requires more complex treatment, for example, multiple dental implants. It isn’t just a matter of inserting implants in what seems like the best position, as ideally, an implant’s specialist will have meticulously planned this surgery before your appointment. Planning ensures that your implants are perfectly parallel and that they do not interfere with any vital structures in jawbone, such as nerves and blood vessels.

Our dentists use all types of dental implants and have the specialized tools required for different implant systems. Schedule an appointment in our center for more information about dental implant options and treatment methods offered by our specialists.


How To Choose The Right Implant Dentist?

Many cosmetic and general dentists in New York City now offer dental implants, and it can be comforting to see your family dentist for treatment. While they may strive to do an excellent job, it’s worth remembering that most general dentists have limited experience in planning and placing dental implants.

To find the right specialist, look for a skilled periodontist who has advanced training in implant planning and placement and uses cutting-edge technology (high precision microscope, cone beam CT scanner, high-quality materials) to accurately place dental implants. Digitally planning dental implant treatment ensures every detail is considered before your implants are inserted into the jawbone, creating a treatment plan that is accurately replicated during surgery.

Choosing the right implant dentist is perhaps the most critical decision you need to make initially, and it is essential to get it right. Often, the outcome is a compromise between functionality and appearance, a highly undesirable situation, especially when a patient has invested a considerable amount of money in treatment and has placed their trust in their dentist’s hands.

When researching dental implant treatment, take your time to find the best implant dentist for your needs. During your initial consultation, the specialist should assess your suitability and recommend an optimal treatment solution. Your local implantologist or best-in-class implant dentist will take the time to explain each option clearly, allowing you to ask all the questions.

Our dental specialists can clarify the potential risks and benefits and talk to you about their success rates. Dental implant treatment can be fantastic and even life-changing for entirely edentulous people who currently struggle with uncomfortable complete dentures. But you want to make sure you get the correct treatment, and ideally, you can enjoy your implants for life.

For more information, please contact our Upper East Side Manhattan office to schedule an appointment with the top-rated dental implant specialists.

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