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Also Called Traditional Dental Implant – Ideal Choice for Replacing a Missing Tooth

Single Tooth ImplantDr. Navid Rahmani is an expert in placing single dental implants. He is among a few implant dentists in New York offering the newest and most advanced dental implant techniques and procedures. Dr. Rahmani uses Microscope-assisted precision implant dentistry, which enhances a dental implant specialist vision to unprecedented levels. New technology is used for polishing and finishing teeth margins and contouring teeth and teeth implants. Dr. Rahmani and his skilled team at NYC Center for Dental Implants is located in Midtown Manhattan & Upper East Side, New York.

Single Tooth Implants

A single tooth implant also called a traditional dental implant, is ideal for replacing a missing tooth. We use only top-quality single dental implants available in the US.

single tooth implant midtown nycTreatment is very straightforward, and the appointment to place the dental implant is typically relatively short. Even though only a single tooth is being replaced, Dr. Rahmani will need to carry out the same diagnostic tests to ensure that treatment is successful. These tests allow Dr. Rahmani to plan and place your dental implant using advanced computer-guided surgery. This technique helps ensure that your treatment is more successful, easier, and faster and that the implant looks and feels like a natural tooth, providing excellent functionality and appearance.

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Who Can Have a Single Tooth Implant?

Tooth replacement is suitable for patients who may have a missing or lost a single tooth due to disease or trauma or for people who have congenitally missing teeth. Implants treatment is for people whose teeth and jaws have finished developing.

The main requirement is to have good dental and general health.  There is no evidence to suggest the success of dental implant treatment is affected by age or gender.

Dr. Rahmani will evaluate your dental and medical history and examine your mouth during your initial consultation to ensure that a single tooth implant is the best treatment option for you.

What is the Procedure for a Tooth Replacement?

Single tooth implant

A single tooth implant process entails:

  • Planning – Before treatment, Dr. Rahmani will have taken a CT scan and dental x-rays to determine the best location for your dental implant. Where single implants are being used side-by-side, it is crucial to ensure adequate room between them so the implant crowns can be fabricated correctly. Suppose the single tooth being replaced is particularly small, for example, a lower front incisor. In that case, Dr. Rahmani may need to use a smaller diameter implant, called a mini dental implant.
  • Treatment – The actual surgery can be carried out under local anesthetic and requires a small incision to be made in your gums, exposing the underlying bone. After, an implant is carefully inserted into its preplanned location.
  • Healing cap – Dr. Rahmani will place a healing cap over the dental implant before stitching up the gum. The healing cap protects the implant, allowing it to heal and integrate with the surrounding bone, and it helps shape the gum tissue. Shaping or managing the gum tissue provides the best aesthetic results so that when your implant tooth is placed, it will be surrounded with the gum tissue creating a pleasing effect that will be easy to keep clean.
  • Temporary tooth – At this stage, we can provide you with a temporary tooth to be worn while the implant heals, so there is no need to worry that you will be left with a gappy smile during treatment. Once the implant has fully healed, and Dr. Rahmani is satisfied it is strong and stable, we can make and fit your new crown.


A single dental implant can typically be inserted in an appointment of just an hour, and recovery time is pretty quick.

Most people feel perfectly well enough to return to work or normal activities the very next day. It’s not uncommon to feel zero discomforts after this procedure.

Any discomfort should be easily controlled with over-the-counter painkillers.

Single tooth dental implant by Dr. Navid

Advantages of Single Tooth Implants

Aesthetically, replacement teeth can look amazing and is the only option for replacing a tooth where the new tooth will look as if it is emerging from the gums, just like a natural tooth. A single dental implant is an excellent option if the teeth adjacent to the gap are in good condition and are healthy and strong.

With an alternative treatment such as a dental bridge, these teeth need to be cut down and shaped and subsequently crowned to support the bridge. Additionally, a dental bridge won’t protect the bone that surrounds the missing tooth. Hence, as the jawbone resorbs, an unsightly gap may develop underneath the replacement tooth or pontic on a bridge.

In the longer term, this treatment can be more cost-effective than choosing a bridge, and the implant can restore patients’ self-confidence and self-esteem, making it easy to forget about tooth loss. Single dental implants are also straightforward to care for, as they can be brushed and flossed just like a natural tooth.

Disadvantages of a Tooth Implant

There are very few negatives to this treatment.

The main disadvantage with choosing a tooth replacement with a dental implant is the length of treatment compared to alternative treatments.

Traditionally a single dental implant will take at least three months to complete, whereas a dental bridge takes just two or three weeks. Sometimes patients may wish to consider a dental bridge if the teeth adjacent to the gap are significantly decayed or broken and require dental crowns. In this case, choosing a bridge could be a cheaper option.

Success Rate of the Treatment

Single dental implants in NYC procedure tend to be enormously successful. The average success rate of surgery is 95%, but experienced and highly trained implant dentists like Dr. Rahmani often have even higher success rates. Many people enjoy them for years or even for life. One of the reasons they are so successful is that single dental implants are very easy to keep clean as they can be brushed and flossed the same as a normal tooth, so there is less risk of the implant becoming infected.

Risk Factors for Single Tooth Implants

Properly planned single dental implants surgery is extremely safe, but risk factors include:

  • Implant failure due to poor oral hygiene
  • Failure due to untreated bruxism
  • Significant changes to medical health that affect the immune system, for example, uncontrolled diabetes

Alternatives to Dental Implants

Alternative treatments to replace a single tooth that might require mini dental implants are:

  • Dental bridge. A dental bridge requires the teeth adjacent to the gap to be significantly cut down to be crowned to support the bridge.
  • Partial denture. Partial dentures are supported by clasps around existing natural teeth and this can place these teeth under stress, increasing the risk of fractures.

Neither option will do anything to halt bone loss although both are quicker and cheaper to complete.



Dr.Rahmani is amazing, fun, competent. He listens to your concerns attentively and answer all your questions patiently. His assistant is sweet and all his team are welcoming and just amazing. I always had fear going to dentists/periodontists, but after I met Dr. Rahmani and his team my fear is gone , I go to his office now feeling relaxed

Amina Ahmed


I thought Dr Rahmani did a fantastic job! He is a real pro ! As soon as you walk into his office you are relaxed because you know you are receiving the finest, most professional work possible. I have had two major procedures done with him and his staff.. in each case I could not have been more pleased and impressed. I would highly recommend him !

Marjorie Martay

Single Dental Implant Cost

The cost can vary tremendously according to the type of implant system, and the type of crown used to restore the tooth. It is essential to ensure you receive a high-quality implant that should last for many years. Treatment costs can be influenced by a variety of factors, including:

  • The necessity of bone grating and the size and type of bone graft needed;
  • The presence of decayed teeth that need removal;
  • Materials used to manufacture the implant crown.

Implant crowns for single dental implant materials can have a precious metal substructure covered up with porcelain. They may be all-ceramic or zirconia. The costs of these crowns can vary considerably.

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What Materials Can Be Used to Make Single Implant Crowns?

A precious metal substructure covered up with porcelain can be the material for single dental implant crowns. They may be all-ceramic or zirconia. The costs of these crowns can vary considerably. Crowns with a precious metal substructure are the most affordable and can be good for restoring teeth that are not visible when you smile. They are strong, durable, and long-lasting. However, because opaque porcelain is used to mask the color of the metal, the overall appearance of the crown isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as zirconia.

Zirconia is naturally white and has a translucency similar to real teeth. It is also incredibly strong. Zirconia implant crowns can be used anywhere in the mouth, but are especially well suited for front teeth and other areas where appearance is important. All-ceramic crowns are also highly strong and are best suited for restoring front teeth, providing exceptional aesthetics due to how natural light can pass through the crown in a way that is very similar to natural teeth.

Once you complete your diagnostic tests, Dr. Rahmani can provide an accurate treatment plan for your implant tooth, with a complete breakdown of the costs and different crown options available. It’s worth checking your dental insurance to see if it covers the cost completely or partially.

Single Tooth Implant Near Me: Find a Top-Rated Prosthodontist for Your Missing Tooth at NYC Dental Implants Center

When looking for effective options to replace a missing tooth with permanent and natural-looking results, choosing a qualified implant dentist (prosthodontist) who offers single-tooth implants is critical. A single-tooth implant can restore your smile while also ensuring proper oral function and preventing surrounding teeth from shifting. A qualified implant specialist has the knowledge and experience to plan and perform single-tooth implant procedures with accuracy, minimizing complications and guaranteeing the implant’s long-term success.

How to Find the Best Dentist for a Single Tooth Implant

  • Seek recommendations from friends, relatives, and coworkers who have had dental implants.
  • Check with your insurance company about a preferred provider network (PPO) for dental implants.
  • To find local professionals, search terms like “single tooth implant near me” or “single tooth implant dentist near me.”
  • Make appointments with potential dentists to meet in person, ask questions about their expertise and qualifications, and discuss their approach to single-tooth implant surgery.

If you’re looking for a dentist in the area who offers single-tooth implants, go no further than NYC Dental Implants Center. We are a group of highly competent and experienced implant dentists who are committed to providing our patients with the best possible care and results.

Why Choose NYC Dental Implants Center for Your Single Tooth Implant?

  • Our dentists are extremely competent in single-tooth implant procedures, ensuring that patients receive high-quality care and lasting results.
  • We use cutting-edge technology and techniques to ensure precision and effectiveness in our procedures, all while guaranteeing patient comfort.
  • We make quality dental care accessible by offering a variety of implant options that are suited to individual needs and budgets.

If you’re seeking a qualified specialist for your single-tooth implant, NYC Dental Implants Center is the ideal choice. Contact NYC Dental Implants Center today to schedule a consultation.

Dr. Navid Rahmani is an internationally recognized NYC dentist, board-certified periodontist, and best-rated dental implant NYC specialist. All procedures are performed on the Upper East Side in our Midtown NYC dental center. If you have any questions about Single Tooth Implants NYC treatment (Traditional Dental Implant) or to make an appointment, please call our Midtown Manhattan dental implants center:

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