This page was published on Apr 2, 2016, modified on Jul 23, 2018 by Dr. Rahmani (Implant Dentist) of NYC Dental Implants Center

Precise Way to Plan Dental Implants

Our dental office uses only the newest and most advanced dental equipment available on the market in USA. While most dentists still adopt the partially limiting solutions due to its cost-effectiveness, we are using one of the recent advancements in this field a Computer Guided Implant Stent.

Dr. Navid Rahmani is an internationally recognized, Board Certified Periodontist and one of the best rated dental implant specialist in New York City. All procedures including Immediate Load Dental Implants are performed on Upper East Side in our Midtown NYC dental center.

Computer Guided Implant Surgery

computer guided implant placementComputer guided implant surgery offers a precise way to plan dental implant procedure. Using a highly detailed 3-D image produced from a CT scan of your jaws, Dr. Rahmani will plan your surgery before you come in for the actual implant placement. With this advanced technology he is able to visualize the precise placement of each implant, avoiding essential structures in your jaw and maximizing the use of your jawbone. Using this information plus an impression of your mouth, a computer guided implant stent can be fabricated.

Surgical Stent

This surgical stent is made from acrylic and looks a little like a night guard that will fit exactly over your gums. It has predrilled holes that will guide Dr. Rahmani as he drills into your jawbone so each dental implant will be inserted in the exact preplanned position. Not every implant dentist will fabricate a surgical stent but it is particularly essential when placing multiple dental implants and can make a considerable difference to the outcome of treatment.

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