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3D Scan of Teeth, Jaws and Soft Tissues in One Complete and Highly Detailed Image

Our dental office uses only the newest and most advanced dental equipment available on the market in USA. Dental implants are from Straumann, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. It’s the largest and most advanced dental implant company in the world. We use top quality medical grade titanium or titanium alloy, the same materials used for other bone implants and for orthopedic joint replacements. 

Dr. Navid Rahmani is an internationally recognized, Board Certified Periodontist and best rated dental implant specialist. All procedures are performed on Upper East Side in our Midtown NYC dental center.

Three Dimensional Scan of Your Teeth

Cone Beam CT ScanA dental cone beam CT scanner is a special type of dental x-ray machine that produces a three dimensional scan of your teeth, jaws and the soft tissues in one complete and highly detailed image. It is especially useful for dental implant surgery and the images produced allow for precise treatment planning. A CT scan shows the position of your natural teeth, the amount of available bone in your jaw that can be used for implant surgery and the position of nerves, blood vessels and sinus cavities that must be avoided during implant placement. Using this 3-D image, Dr. Rahmani can plan your surgery well in advance. It is also used when making a surgical stent or guide for use during the surgery, and for designing your new teeth.

What to Expect When Having a CT Scan

A dental cone beam CT scanner is quite small and this treatment is quick, comfortable and completely painless. You will need to remove all metal objects including glasses and jewelry, as well as dentures with metal fitting and other items such as hairpins and hearing aids. You will be carefully positioned so your jaws are right in the center of the beam, with your chin and forehead fully supported so it is quite comfortable. It is important to remain still for the scan which will take anywhere between 20 to 40 seconds. During the scan the arm of the scanner will rotate right around your head.

Three Dimensional Scan of Your Teeth

Is This Treatment Safe?

A cone beam scanner produces a concentrated bean of radiation that is a bit higher than a conventional dental x-ray but it is still very safe. No radiation will remain in your body once the scan is complete. Every precaution is taken to minimize your exposure during treatment and the benefits of having a CT scan far outweigh the risks. The equipment in our dental office is extremely modern and is meticulously maintained to the very highest standards.

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