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NYC Dental Implants Specialist | Dr. Navid Rahmani

Implant Dentist NYC | Dr. Navid RahmaniDr. Navid Rahmani is a top rated, best in class dental implants specialist in NYC. He passionate about ensuring his patients receive the best dental implants in NYC and most appropriate dental care in New York Dental Implants Center.

Dental implants specialist Dr. Navid Rahmani graduated Cum Laude from New York University before receiving his doctoral degree from Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Rahmani then chose to remain at Stony Brook for an additional three years in order to become certified in the specialty of periodontology.

Dr. Navid Rahmani is a dental implants specialist in NYC and a current contributor to a multiple news outlets. Contributing latest research to dental implants surgery and periodontal disease treatment.

Dr. Navid Rahmani Contributor to Multiple News Organizations


Extensive Training in Dental Implants

board certified dental implants nycDr. Rahmani has extensive training in all areas of periodontal therapy which includes latest dental implant procedure, bone grafting techniques and periodontal plastic surgery.

This highly specialized knowledge is essential for anyone wishing to have successful NYC dental implants procedure.

When you visit Dental Implants Center in NYC you are assured of receiving an honest and considered opinion about your dental health and Dr. Rahmani will only suggest dental implant treatment if he truly believes this will provide optimal results.

Dr. Rahmani and his staff are absolutely wonderful and the office is prestine! Dr. Rahmani is an excellent doctor who made me feel comfortable from the moment I sat in the chair! He explained everything step by step and even worked within my budget! His staff is fantastic and so friendly. Jen always went out of her way to help with my insurance and was awesome with follow ups! Although I don’t like dentists, I highly recommend this one! Overall great experience!

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Advanced Dental Implant Solution

As part of his extended training, Dr. Rahmani, the top rated implant dentist in New York has extensive knowledge and is able to use all types of dental implants including mini dental implants, so patients benefit from receiving the most appropriate advanced dental implant solution for their particular needs.

This is quite different from some dentists who may not specialize in dental implant placement and who only have limited training in placing one or two different dental implants.

While this may be satisfactory in some cases, a great deal of skill and experience is required to ensure every dental implant is placed in the very best location, not only for ensuring full functionality, but for making sure that the final restoration looks amazing.

Material for Dental implants: We use only the best quality medical grade titanium or titanium alloy tooth implants from Straumann, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. It’s the largest and most advanced dental implant company in the world.

Advanced Technology: Microscope-assisted precision implants dentistry used to enhance a dental implant specialist vision to unprecedented levels. It’s used for polishing and finishing teeth margins and for contouring teeth and teeth implants.

Immediate Loading Dental Implants: You do not need to wait three to six months for the dental implants to be stable enough to support a new dental crown or bridge. It can be done the same day as the implant is inserted. Our dental office uses only the newest and most advanced dental equipment available on the market in USA. Read more about Immediate Load Dental Implants in NYC

Latest Diagnostic Technology for Dental Implants in NYC

Dental implants in NYC require an extensive planning. Its carried out behind-the-scenes using the very latest diagnostic technology to make sure that implant treatment is quicker and is minimally invasive with faster healing.

Above all, Dr. Rahmani of NYC Dental Implants Center is a very caring dentist who aims to help his patients smile with complete confidence once more.

Advanced Technology

Dental Implants NYC | computer guided dental implant Dental Implants NYC | computer guided dental implant - microDental Implants NYC | dental implant microscope Dental Implants NYC | dental implant post

Personalized Dental Care

New York implant dentist Dr Rahmani believes in providing truly personalized dental care without compromise. He is the person to see if you are interested in obtaining the best aesthetic and functional results from dental implant treatment.

Every implant treatment is individually planned and this close attention to detail helps to ensure every implant treatment is a complete success.

Do you have questions about dental implants in NYC? Would like to schedule an appointment with the top dental implant specialist in NYC, Dr. Navid Rahmani, please contact our Upper East Side NYC office.

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